1. Set up emails for abandoned cart

First, to let us send emails on behalf of your store and email address, you need to grant us access by verifying the email.

Simply doing it by going to "Email settings", click Setup emails and click on Verify Now.

The system will send a confirmation message to your store's email.

All you need to do is to check your inbox for the mail and click on the confirmation link, so that Abandoned Cart Saver can send abandonment emails on behalf of your store.

You can also change your store's email.

2. Edit and modify email content

It's time to set up emails for your abandoned cart.

  • All 5 emails have the field to enable or disable.
  • It has a time delay after the customer abandoned the cart for the first email.
  • And 4 other emails will be sent and set up the time after its previous email.
  • You can also apply discount or coupon codes before sending the emails.

Finally, you can edit the email text above the abandoned cart list in the preview.

3. Go into details of scheduled or sent emails

Here you can see the status of the customer follow-up emails: Total scheduled mails, last sent, cart recovered hour, associate converted order, and actions.

4. View and edit abandoned carts

4.1. View cart details

Under the Abandoned Carts section, you can see all the recorded abandoned carts on your eCommerce website.

4.2. Edit cart details

To see the cart details, click on the "Edit" button.

And then you will see all the detailed info about the cart.

Here, you can see:

  • Cart ID: The system automatically generates a unique character chain.
  • Last update time: The last time when the cart was updated by the customer or the admin.
  • Cart information table: It includes Product Image Thumbnail, Name of the Item, Product Quantity, Unit Price, Remove button
  • Customer information
  • Payment summary: Subtotal, Coupon code, Shipping fee, Calculated Tax price, Grand Total price

In addition to that, you can make other critical actions on these cart details such as:

4.3. Add product to the cart

You can add more products or change products on behalf of the customer or with the customer's permission.

4.4. Delete cart

In case your customers confirm that they don't want to buy from you, you can delete the cart on behalf of the customer.

5. Dashboard and reports

There is a dashboard to help you as the retailer has an overview of what is going on.