Cartio is a cart management app on the BigCommerce marketplace. It enables you to fully control your customers' cart. With Cartio, you can:

  • view carts of a customer or a guest,
  • view active carts,
  • modify the cart by adding or removing products,
  • create order out of a cart,
  • set a blacklist of spamming carts.

How it works

After installing the Cartio app, you can go to your Store Dashboard, click Apps > My Apps > Cartio.

From here, you can start using the cart.

Before you use the app, note that: While Cartio App is active, your customers' carts will be recorded here when they are shopping in your store. This means all changes on the customers' cart content during shopping will be synced to your Cartio admin dashboard in nearly real-time. So you can easily manage and support customers timely.

1. View cart details

Under the Cart Monitoring section, you can see all the active carts on your eCommerce website.

2. Edit cart details

To see the cart details, click on the "Edit" button.

And then you will see all the detailed info about the cart.

Here, you can see:

  • Cart ID: The system automatically generates a unique character chain.
  • Last update time: The last time when the cart was updated by the customer or the admin.
  • Cart information table: It includes Product Image Thumbnail, Name of the Item, Product Quantity, Unit Price, Remove button
  • Customer information: Session ID, User Type, Browser, IP, Country
  • Payment summary: Subtotal, Coupon code, Shipping fee, Calculated Tax price, Grand Total price

In addition to that, you can make other critical actions on these cart details such as:

3. Add product to the cart

You can add more product or change product on behalf of the customer or with customer's permission.

4. Send to customers

One of the most requested features is sending the cart info to customers so they can complete the order or just simply check the order information.

5. Delete active cart

In case your customers confirm that they don't want to buy from you, you can delete the cart on behalf of the customer.

5. Create order out of the cart:

In case the customers cannot complete the order, you can create an order out of this cart.

6. View cart reports

If you want to see the status of all your customer carts, then this feature is a must.

You can view the reports by clicking Show data under the section "Cart Statistics" on your Cartio Dashboard.

You will see "Top added products" to see the demands for this product, and also "Top ordered products" to compare the conversion rate.

Reports are supposed to give you insights and drive the right actions. So this feature will be really helpful for your business.

7. Block email/IP/Countries from shopping your products

Note: This example is only for demonstration.

To use this feature, just simply click on the Blacklists section at the top of the page.

And enter one of this information that you have from where/which one you want to block: IP, Email, Country.

See the screenshot as an example.

 If you block a country or IP or email from creating an order, they can still create carts but their carts will be automatically deleted and they cannot complete the checkout.

In case you have any questions or you want to give us suggestions or feedback to improve the app, feel free to contact us via email at

Thank you and look forward to seeing supports from all of you.